A very special edition

Curtains fall on Cremona Musica Special Edition, after two days in which Cremona got dressed in music. At different times, Cremona Musica has proposed an innvovative format, but always completely consistent with its mission: to introduce enthusiasts to the masterpieces of Cremonese luthiers, to bring together producers of musical instruments and potential customers, to allow everyone to enjoy great music.

This is how it was also in this special edition, which saw the fair leave the pavilions and pour into the streets of the center, in many splendid city locations. The City Hall hosted an exhibition of Cremonese violin makers, the Cortile Federico II, in front of the cathedral, was the stage of hours of concerts, Palazzo Affaitati was the setting for piano competitions, and conferences were held at the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage.

The Giovanni Arvedi auditorium of the Museo del Violino hosted a great Opening Concert and it saw dozens of musicians and luthiers, who had a unique opportunity to make their instruments play in a concert hall with perfect acoustics and unique charm, and to present their creations to an audience of international clients connected via the web for the Cremona Musica Speed ​​Dates.

So, also in this difficult year, Cremona Musica have been there, to promote the art of lutherie and to connect music-lovers.

Thanks to all those who participated and made this event even more special. Cremona Musica returns in 2021, from 24 to 26 September.