CremonaFiere: autumn Exhibitions are confirmed. President Biloni says: “Our project is inclusive and open to everyone’s contribution”

Cremona, July 3rd, 2020 – A few days after the election of the new president Roberto Biloni, CremonaFiere new Board of Directors met. This acceleration clearly shows the determination of offering new solutions and initiatives to restart after the severe crisis caused by covid19 to the whole sector of Exhibitions.

“We have set up a think tank, because only by acting promptly and with planning ability it is possible to seize the opportunities offered by such a difficult period – said president Roberto Biloni – . Our commitment in doing so will involve all those who are willing to give a contribution. Meanwhile, we confirm that all autumn Exhibitions directly organized by CremonaFiere will regularly take place, i.e. Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions and Il BonTà. For the reference sectors of these exhibitions, Cremona and its territory play a fundamental role. In fact, it is here in Cremona that the traditions of livestock farming, agrifood and violin-making with their top level productions are deeply rooted. This role needs, today more than ever, to be further promoted both at national and at international level. This is a goal we want to achieve and therefore we are open to ideas and contributions of all those subjects, be they private or public, interested in sharing a tangible and unanimous project”.

“I strongly believe – continued president Biloni – that the promotion of our top-level productions is strictly connected to an inclusive ideas exchange, since our high-quality events are fundamental to offer new opportunities for our reference sectors. The second semester of a particular year has just started. A year that will pass into the annals of history. Our role of opinion leaders for specific sectors, lead us to face with courage a true relaunch made of projects and ideas shared and developed by all those who want to take part in this new journey. Nowadays, given the current situation that is affecting the entire world, we are studying a new formula for our events combining the physical format with a digital profile to provide new business opportunities in full compliance with safety regulations. From a more strategic point of view, we are working at the new triennial programmatic plan to strengthen our exhibition offer, to develop new initiatives and to attract new players. Such an approach is fundamental to improve the organization of all the events that do strongly support the economy and the promotion of our territory”. For president Biloni, inclusion is a key element for CremonaFiere activities.

“Our activities don’t only include scheduled events – explained Massimo De Bellis, director general of CremonaFiere -. We are talking to companies and professionals from our reference sectors. We are listening to their opinion and needs and we do confirm that we will support them before and after the Exhibition days, both with digital activities and with the promotion of their initiatives, so to develop together a long-term project that can be useful for the whole sector. We are working at our strategic planning, starting from the programmatic plan that we presented last year and also considering the new programmatic plan that we are developing relying on the strategic document that Pwc (PricewaterhouseCoopers) has developed on a 5 years basis. Moreover, as to the current covid-19 emergency, we are defining those important aspects that will, on the one hand, strengthen our events program, and on the other hand, enable us to offer services with a high added value. All this is possible only with the active participation of the stakeholders of our territory, along with institutions and public, private and scientific players willing to grasp the opportunities that are in front of us”.