Roberto Biloni is the new president of CremonaFiere

Cremona, June 26th 2020 – Roberto Biloni is the new president of CremonaFiere. He was appointed this morning during a meeting in which also the new members of the board of directors were elected.

Vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce, Roberto Biloni succeeds Roberto Zanchi, former president of CremonaFiere who was appointed in May 2018 and who received heartfelt thanks from the associates for the excellent work he has done over the last two years.

“I was passed a very important baton – said the new president – and to fulfil the role I play, I am going to take the promotion of CremonaFiere and its territory as top priority of my new agenda. There is, in fact, a very strong bond linking CremonaFiere and its territory, above all in the sectors of agro-livestock and music. My mandate will start and develop through the involvement of all protagonists, both public and private, who want to give their contribution to reach the goals that we have set. Cremona, its territory and its fairgrounds are already a renowned reference point for livestock farming and for top-level music. And this is even more important nowadays, in order to answer the new and difficult challenges caused by the pandemic with an highly specialized offer. In fact, we cannot forget that 50% of national export activities are possible thanks to exhibitions. If we don’t grasp the true meaning of the challenge we are currently facing, we will make a serious mistake”.

The Assembly also approved the budget of the year 2019, when there were: 19 Exhibitions with 3 new events, 14 advanced training seminars on food safety and 361 conferences, seminars and workshops on different topics. In addition to involving several visitors, events taking place at Cremona Exhibition Centre enjoyed a great visibility on media, with 4,279 press issues and 4,453,870 web views (on exhibition websites and social networks). CremonaFiere net profit for 2019 was 10,388 € with a production value of 3,838,938 €.

The events calendar 2020 includes: Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, that last year involved the National Holstein Competition, 117 events with 26 international official delegations and visitors from 45 Countries. Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, that in 2019 saw 64% of exhibitors coming from abroad (from 30 countries) and involved 178 events and qualified visitors from 55 Countries, Il BonTà, that last year hosted 42 events with specialty food products from all over Italy and Be Italian, Food Exhibition in New York conceived by CremonaFiere and developed together with Lombardia Fiere.

In 2019 CremonaFiere also hosted some new events, such as: Zumba Master, Arte Cremona, Cremona Benessere and Mostra del Disco. In 2021, CremonaFiere will welcome other two new Exhibitions: Cremona&Bricks and PetsFestival.