Towards the Agrinnovation Summit: Cremona, capital city of digital innovation

Day after day, Cremona is becoming the capital city of technological innovation for the agro-livestock sector. Soon, partners and programmes of the Agrinnovation Summit will be revealed. The event, taking place for the first time in the framework of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (October 24th – 27th, 2018 – Cremona Exhibition Centre), will involve some of the most prestigious European research centres, the most interesting start-ups, universities and professionals of the sector who will exchange opinions and updates on technologies, innovation and developments of the agro-livestock and agrifood sectors. Agrinnovation Summit will be a privileged observatory to share ideas and technical expertise on innovation and product development. This event has been especially conceived to promote, test and adopt the most innovative solutions of the sector and will mainly address companies eager to grow by investing on new technologies that could reduce the gap between costs and benefits, improve process efficiency, quality and product traceability.

Agrinnovation Summit will take place in October during Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions. However, the whole 2018 in Cremona has been dedicated to technological innovation for the agro-livestock sector: after the cycle of conferences organized at Cremona Exhibition Centre in February and March under the title Italian agriculture, a production model of excellence facing international challenges (a precious opportunity offered by CremonaFiere to its reference community to analyze in depth the most topical themes of the sector), a special mention is deserved by the event taking place on June 21st, from 10 am to 5 pm at CRIT – Cremona Digital Innovation Center. The Lab “Management and enhancement of Big Data in the agrifood sector” is an initiative organized and promoted by the Smart AgriFood Observatory (launched by the Polytechnic University of Milan and by the University of Brescia that Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions will support also for the 2018 edition of their Working Table), by the Campus of Cremona of the Polytechnic University of Milan and by Cremona Digital Innovation Center.

Basing on the growing importance of big data in world economy, agrifood sector included, the Lab aims at helping company managers understand and define actions to be implemented to enhance the value of available data in their companies or in their reference sector, to improve their value proposition and their “business model innovation”. A study by the Smart AgriFood Observatory, headquartered in Cremona, shows the importance of data in the agrifood sector: 73% of the supply of Agriculture 4.0 systems relies on big data analytics.

Agrinnovation Summit confirms and relaunches the attention that Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions have always granted to precision breeding and digital farming, with a special focus on milk processing technologies, environmental sustainability and organic productions.

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