Cremona Musica 2018: preview of a true International Festival

The events programme of Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festivals grows bigger day after day. This year as well, in fact, a rich events calendar will accompany the prestigious exhibit repertoire of high-quality musical instruments, thus giving to the Exhibition the character of a true international festival.

Concerts, masterclasses, workshops and competitions will occur from September 28th to 30th in Stradivari’s hometown, thus attracting many talented artists while creating a not-to-be-missed appointment for music professionals and lovers.

Many stringed instruments players will attend Mondomusica. Among them, a special mention is deserved by Maxim Vengerov, who on Sept 28th will receive the Cremona Music Award. Luca Fanfoni who will present those Paganini’s unpublished pieces that he discovered and collected in a CD called “Paganini Rediscovered”. The Russian violinist Yulia Berinskaya will perform some pieces from her last CD “The Voice of Violin”, together with I Musici di Parma. Cremona Musica will also stage of the Grand Finale of the second edition of the Gewa Young Contest, the competition dedicated to violinists, violists and cellist between 6 and 14 years of age. Moreover, the Monteverdi Day will involve students and professors of the Cremonese Conservatory, among them: Laura Gorna, Francesco Fiore, Silvia Chiesa, Giovanni Bellucci.

A very high number of Italian and international pianists will perform at Cremona Musica, within Piano Experience, Exhibition dedicated to pianos. Among them: Boris Berman, Jura Margulis, Giorgia Tomassi, George Vachnadze and many others. Also, the concerts and exhibitions of the Italian Piano Experience, event dedicated to the Italian piano tradition that recently enchanted Beijing, will take place in Cremona again, with recitals by Leonora Armellini, Vanessa Benelli Mosell, Axel Trolese and Mariangela Vacatello.

The Acoustic Guitar Village will host training masterclasses with Micki Piperno, Clive Carrol and John Jorgenson and guitar-making masterclasses with Bryan Galloup and Charles Fox. The historical exhibitions of this edition will explore the world of arch-top guitars, the models of Hauser dynasty and guitars from the 19th and 20th century. Among the several events dedicated to Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, fifty years after his death: the masterclass by Andrea Dieci, the concert by Luigi Attademo and the presentation of the volume “ Tribute to Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco” by Piero Bonaguri. Over 70 musicians from Italy and Europe are expected to attend the 6th edition of the Italian Bluegrass Meeting. As to singer-songwriters, the award dedicated to Stefano Rosso (who died ten years ago) will be given to the winner of the Competition Corde&Voci d’Autore, that will involve great names of the music panorama.

Among 2018 novelties, the Accordion Show is the Exhibition especially dedicated to accordions, with concerts, masterclasses, conferences and historical exhibitions with instruments from Stradella and Castelfidardo museums, two major centres for accordions in Italy and in the world. Among the protagonists of the concerts: Luca Zanetti, Riccardo Tesi, Lorenzo Munari, Gianluca Campi and Mauro Manicardi.

Great flutist like Adriana Ferreira, Jean-Claude Gérard, Francesco Loi and Raffaele Trevisani  will be the protagonists of concerts and masterclasses taking place within Cremona Winds. Among the novelties of this year: a great band competition with several Italian and international bands and the first national SMIM day (for Musical Comprehensive Schools) with seminars on music teaching. Moreover, there will also be the third edition of the National Meeting of Flute Orchestras with live performances and seminars.

Great space will be given also to the latest technological innovations of the music world, thanks to the Digital Space cured by Pier Calderan, with several workshops, like: “Notion 6, a long lasting revolution. Easy and quick music notation” with Beppe Bornaghi and Lorenzo Frassà, “ Studio One 4, the future daw”, with Beppe Bornaghi and “Sound-shaping synthesis, history and development” with Pier Calderan.

Moreover, the Media Lounge will be on board this year as well, with 40 international journalists from music magazines, important Italian and international newspapers, and representatives of radio and TV-broadcasters who will enhance the visibility of events and exhibitors, while ensuring a global media coverage.

Many events will be revealed in the weeks to come, for a new edition of Cremona Musica expected to even exceed the excellent results of 2017, when over 17,000 visitors from all over the world attended the Exhibition and enjoyed 181 events.

Cremona Musica is therefore the ideal place to shape new musical projects, present innovative products and ideas and develop new opportunities for music and musicians!