Water technologies and efficient water management: Watec 2018 will take place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions

Water crisis and water management are burning issues with a strong impact on environmental sustainability and on agro-livestock farming. Taking all of this into account, CremonaFiere announces a further enlargement of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions: in 2018, Watec – Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference (organized by Kenes Exhibitions) will take place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions. This is the result of the intense internationalization activities and the strategic international partnerships carefully cultivated by CremonaFiere itself.

The partnership agreement for the organization of Watec follows a letter of intent signed by CremonaFiere and Kenes Exhibitions last March.

Global reference point for all the professionals of the sector, last editions of Watec took place in Venice (2016) and in Palermo (June 2017), with the involvement of the major experts of water treatment and management and a special focus on water safeguard, desalination, industrial wastewater treatment, water filtration, ultra-filtration technologies and funding opportunities. In 2018, the Exhibition & Conference will arrive in Cremona, capital city of agro-livestock farming, sector with a strong connection to water treatment. The city of Cremona itself is strongly connected to water, due to its strategic location on the river Po – longest and richest Italian river.

The agro-livestock sector is currently facing one of the most severe water crisis of recent times. As a consequence of drought and of violent rainstorms that occurred this summer (the warmest summer of the last 200 years), damages for 2 billion euros have been registered last July.

From a scientific point of view, Watec taking place within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions further strengthens the strategic approach pursued by CremonaFiere to provide exhibitors and visitors with a reference Exhibition for the whole sector and with useful tools, technologies and techniques to better address both yet and in the future all the different aspects of such a multifaceted sector. It was with the same aim and perspective that CremonaFiere decided to include renewable energies and biogas, key topics of BioEnergy, within Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions.

From a strategic point of view, this new partnership with Kenes Exhibitions confirms and enhances CremonaFiere role as international exhibition organizer and as strategic partner for Italian companies aiming at a greater and deeper internationalization. This is a very important step forward for CremonaFiere but above all for all those who have chosen and who will choose CremonaFiere to develop new business opportunities through more and highly specialized contacts and new important outlets on the most interesting international markets.