The Prize Targa Beltrami awards innovation in the agrifood industry

Now at its 19th edition, the Prize Targa Beltrami will award this year as well, during Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions (October 25th – 28th , Cremona Exhibition Center), companies and researchers of the agrifood industry standing out for innovative machinery, procedures and processing methods .
The Prize, promoted by the institution “Comizio Agrario di Cremona – Ente Eredità Girolamo Beltrami” and by CremonaFiere itself, aims at promoting a culture of innovation, thus raising awareness on the fact that innovation means efficiency enhancement both for products and for procedures, thus contributing to a greater environmental sustainability. The Prize addresses companies of the agrifood industry, single entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups and institutions who developed innovative projects, products or processing methods.
The selection board will consist of one or more representatives of the Comizio Agrario Beltrami and one representative of CremonaFiere. The two promoters will then involve technicians and experts of specific reference areas.
There are four award categories:
Precision farming intended as powerful tool for crop management, aimed at considering space and time variables related to parameters such as soil composition, humidity, nutrient availability, pathogen and weeds presence through information and communications technologies.
Precision breeding intended as smart use of technologies to monitor physiological, behavioural, production and reproductive indicators on single heads of cattle, with the aim of improving management strategies and animal performance.
Milk processing intended as milk processing and cheese making within agricultural farms and/or small dairies downstream of raw material production.
Energy efficiency in agriculture and livestock farming intended as implementation of innovative procedures and technologies to build renewable energy plants or for maintenance and upgrading of existing plants (also in terms of efficient use of agricultural products for energy and biomethan production).
The prize will be awarded to each category.
Applications shall be submitted only via mail to no later than September 29th 2017, with following heading: “To the Targa Beltrami Selection Board”.  Application forms can be downloaded here, together with the complete regulations, and shall be returned duly filled and signed.